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-So... what's up with this site?

The purpose of Popconsensus is to gauge social opinions about moral issues and other abstract subjects. A defining characteristic here is the break down of opinions based on a handfull of personal lifestyle attributes.

-You guys require some pretty specific information on signup, I don't know... I'm kinda creeped out.

The whole point of the site is to see opinion differences based on these specifics. So I'm afraid that's the way it's got to be. You can rest assured that we take privacy very seriously, and your personal opinions will never be connected to you unless you go out of your way to make that happen on your own.

Do be truthfull about your lifestyle attributes though please... this is for science.

-What is the "Topical" section? Why is it on a different page from the main site?

Topical questions are any polls which reflect the short term opinions of the "hive". Also, many of the questions are restricted to US citizens at the moment. Unlike the more abstract nature of the polls within the main site, the Topical questions are likely to have very different results if asked over a long time period. As such, they are really only meant to be a "snap shot in time". These polls will typically be closed at some point (6 months, 1 year, etc), and their results archived, so as to hopefully provide interesting reading for anyone researching changes in pubic sentiment later on.

-Some of the questions aren't specific enough, I can't decide what to answer.

All of the questions are meant to seen from the perspective of "according to your personal interpretation".

Example: Do you believe in ghosts?

Rather than drive yourself crazy trying to define what a "ghost" specifically is, just stick to "according to your personal interpretation" of what a "ghost" refers to. Likewise, there will be many questions about personal taste, attraction, morals... don't get wrapped up in whether your interpretation is the same as others. There are no wrong answers - and indeed, certain questions are worded in such a manner to test whether people alter their opinions based on similar (though different) terminology.

-What kind of submissions are you looking for?

Surprise me. Hypothetical scenarios, relationship problems, monetary dares are the most common ones right now... even better would be a format I haven't thought of. See the Submit page for more details.

-Why can't I change my vote later if I change my mind?

We are trying to harvest the kind of knee jerk opinions people usually go with their first time around. If we start allowing users to go back and change their votes, then the results would become a bunch of opinions that are really just reconstructions of opinions that people want to be viewed as having, rather than what their truthfull opinions actually happen to be. {that was a needlessly long sentence}

-Why do I have to be 16 or older to vote?

Not only are some of the questions borderline inappropriate for someone younger, but I don't think someone under 16 has the neccessary life experiences required to have formed opinions which would be intellectually relevant. Sorry.

Other things I'd like to point out...

-The only email you will ever receive from us is upon your first time signing up, simply to verify that you do indeed exist. After that it's not even possible to get another email from us unless you opt into something specifically, or have some back and forth with a site administrator in regards to one of your poll submissions. is a member of, and adheres to the policies of The American Association For Public Opinion Research. 

-If you get a kick out of the crude and often silly drawings I do for many of the conundrums - you might like my comic series Crowbars Don't Kill People... CROWBARS Do 

 The Nervous Scientist (Tim Stoll)- Site Admin



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